How to add a blog to a site

How to add a blog to a site

I have had a few clients ask me for instruction on adding a blog to there WordPress site. In particular how to access some of a purchased themes additional options. These instructions are aimed at using a browser on a laptop not using the app.

  1. Login in to
  2. Click on ‘My Sites’ at the top left of the screen
  3. On the left hand side is a panel with some options
  4. Click the Add button next to blog actions panel
  5. You will be taken to a blog editing screen (incidentally this is the same screen used to update blogs)
  6. On the right is you editing view
  7. Add the title of your blog where the big title text it
  8. Below this is your formatting buttons, if you hover over each button it will tell you what the do. Most are similar to Microsoft word functionality. Try adding some text in the area bellow the format buttons and play with the format buttons.WordPress Post Formatting buttons
  9. The add media button allows you to insert media such as pictures into your text.
    1. Any media will be added in the location of the curser.
    2. If you haven’t previously uploaded any images you can use the Add New button. (I would recommend you give the images Alt text and description which describe the images. This can be done by clicking edit.)
    3. You can select one or multiple images to insert by clicking on the ones you want.
    4. If you selected multiple images clicking continue allows you to choose how to layout the images.
    5. Pick the layout that suits your needs from the drop down
    6. Click Insert to add the images to your blog
    7. On the left is your options panel. The sections can be opened and collapsed by clicking on them.
  10. On the left is the options panel, the sections can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on them
  11. The blog will automatically save as a draft (only visible to you)
  12. You can preview the blog or publish it by using the buttons in the first section
  13. I would recommend you put your blog in a category so that the can be easily grouped and filtered (For example if your adding a recipe put it in a recipe category then  if you wish a menu option can display all blog posts that are recipes.
  14. Most themes rely on feature images for their front page so make sure you choose one
  15. Sharing can be used to automatically add posts to social media if required. This is a whole topic in its self so won’t be covered here)
  16. Post format will decide how and where your blog post will appear on your site. The details are theme specific, but have a play and check out on your preview the effects
  17. Under More Options you can further customise your blog. I would recommend adding a Excerpt. This is a small amount of text used to entice your readers to open and read the full blog post.

The above instructions make use of new simple view but unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to edit any theme specific settings. For example the Full Frame theme has options on aligning the title text which is used on the home page link. To access these settings you need to use the admin view. Accessible via… this link is hidden for some reason. The view your will be presented with is more complicated but follow the below instructions to access your blog post theme specific settings.

  1. Click on posts (on the left hand side)
  2. On right click on the post required
  3. The extra options will appear on the right hand side of the editing view.

If you have any questions on these instructions  or want some help with your blog please feel free to contact me.