What can you expect from a SEO audit?

A SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audit will help us identify ways to improve your traffic from search engines. During the audit I will perform the following tasks:

  • Make sure you have attainable SEO goals and targets
  • Review your keywords
  • Perform a technical analysis to identify issues that may be hurting your SEO
  • Perform page level and content analysis on your main pages
  • User Experience Analysis
  • Link Analysis

After the audit I will give you a list of possible improvements. Please be aware that SEO is a massive topic but I will focus on what I believe will have the best impact on your SEO.

What will the audit cost?

The cost of the audit will depend on how big your site is and how much of it you want covering. Ideally the whole site would be audited but for cost reasons some clients opt for a certain number of pages. I will fully explain all recommendations so you can apply the same knowledge throughout your site.

Testimonial from a happy client

“Working with Annie was a pleasure and her help invaluable for improving my website. She is very knowledgeable and efficient with her time. From the very beginning, she helped me set out goals for growth and a clear, actionable list of steps to achieve them, providing practical support and advice every step of the way. She is very good at communicating and it is because of this mix of technical and personal skills that I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to improve their online presence.”

– Marta (