If you are after a website that is designed to be appealing and easy to use I can help you.

Why pick me to develop your website?

I will make sure I gather as much information as possible and get to know your target audience. I am also a people person, friendly and approachable. I will use my 10+ years of experience to create the ‘Wright’ site for you.

I believe a website should not only look good but give the users a positive and friendly experience. If a customer walked into a shop they would expect to be treated with care and guided to the products and information they require. Your website should be no different.

How will your website be created?

The website will be created using WordPress, a content management system used to manage the content of a website.  Your website will be created with a theme that matches the look and feel you want. The theme will then be customized to your needs.

I recommend using WordPress and a theme. Even though it will not offer the flexibility of creating a complete custom website from scratch, it will be a lot more time and cost effective. There is a wide range of themes and plugins to cover all but the most niche of requirements.

WordPress also has the advantage that once the initial setup, configuration and customization is done it may be used with minimal training to update content such as news-feeds and images without the need of technical knowledge.

Where will my site be hosted?

It can be hosted using any provider you wish but I recommend bluehost. In fact this website is hosted with them.